Faster Together Endorsements

Laura Stack is on a roll! In Faster Together, she applies hard-earned experience toward helping your team function more effectively at work. Discover how to tweak your team’s business processes toward greater productivity.

— Deanna Cauley, Vice President Talent Management, Red Robin International, Inc.

Feeling trapped by an unreasonable work-life balance that barely leaves you enough personal time for meals and sleep? Grab Laura Stack’s new book, Faster Together. Though at first glance it’s all about productivity, Laura’s advice helps you save time in all aspects of your work and life, so you actually get to enjoy the ‘life’ part as well as the work.

— Montague “Cosmo” L Boyd, Senior Vice President, Financial Services

In today’s market, agile speed is a must. The business arena is changing more rapidly than ever before, which requires workers and leaders who can stop on a dime and shift direction on a moment’s notice. Faster Together is the ultimate guidebook for rapid, efficient productivity in the modern working world.

— Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer, Microsoft

Do you really understand how fairness, accountability, systems-thinking, and technology affect the speed of your team’s work process? Laura Stack does, and she knows how to help you maximize every aspect of all four. In Faster Together, she shows you how to rev the engines of even the most efficient work process.

— Andrew Lawrence, Vice President, Enterprise Learning & Personal Development, SCL Health

If you think “fast” and “quality” are mutually exclusive,” think again. Laura Stack’s Faster Together gives team members all the tools they need to speed up their processes and change their mindset about accountability, systems, and technology. To make a quantum leap in productivity, you’ll definitely want to buy a copy for all team members!

— Dianna Booher, Author of Communicate Like a Leader and What MORE Can I Say?

No one understands and teaches quick, efficient productivity as well as Laura Stack. In her latest book, Faster Together, she demonstrates to leaders and team members alike how they can improve their work processes and achieve success faster. A must-have for the ambitious work team!

—Jeremy Eaves, (title)

Laura knows how to make anyone more productive. In Faster Together, she shows how teams can work together seamlessly and efficiently, and address any “speed bumps” on the road to success. Highly recommended for any manager or team member looking to accomplish more in less time.

—Laura Vanderkam, Speaker and Author of I Know How She Does It

Peppered with stories that bring her advice to life, Laura Stack’s Faster Together is an easy, fun read that puts the responsibility for improving work processes and productivity squarely where it belongs: in everyone’s hands. The book and its topics speak directly to individuals, describing how each team member contributes to a productive whole.

—Tres Shoemaker, VP, Organizational Development and Talent Acquisition, Graebel